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soniccj7 07-25-2010 12:07 PM

Spotted a Gen5 Camaro
I was thinking it would be fun if we started a Camaro spotting thread.

I was out today in my 2010 IBM 1SS/RS and spotted a Victory Red Gen5 Camaro on RT119.

molloni 07-25-2010 11:10 PM

I was on a drive from PA to MA. I followed a Yellow SS/RS in NJ on I80E for a few miles, but he was going just a wee bit too slow for me, so I pulled away.

I saw a yellow with black as well. Way too many Stangs on the road though.

soniccj7 07-26-2010 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by molloni (Post 2142736)
Way too many Stangs on the road though.

I have to agree with you on that, there are only a hand full of Gen5s in my area.

I figure after a couple years the streets will be crawling with Camaros :)

2010CamaroRS 07-26-2010 09:49 AM

i spotted a 3rd gen iroc....blew it away on 91N...:happyanim:

chevy 3 07-26-2010 11:45 AM

I saw a aqua blue one on I91 sat night

myold88 07-26-2010 11:58 AM

It seems this thread is a little late. I see a new Camaro almost every time I go out for a couple of hours. Several daily trips back and forth on I-84 between Hartford and Sturbridge Ma (Oldsmobile Club America ntl meet) and I saw one coming or going almost every trip. Also saw 2 black ones on Rt 66 in East Hampton Ct on Thursday.
Somehow liked it better last summer when I was the only one on the road in my SW SS.

molloni 07-26-2010 01:05 PM

oh yea, I saw a pretty cute girl driving an IOM in Burlington, MA at the corner of 62 and 3A on wouldn't happen to be on these forums, eh?

2010CamaroRS 07-26-2010 01:28 PM

LOL chevy

Havok 07-26-2010 01:38 PM

I haven't seen any in a while. There was a period of time when I was seeing them all the time, now not so much. Then again I haven't been really looking. Most of the time they were going the opposite direction on 95. I'll post here when I see them.

Tessa 07-26-2010 01:52 PM

I drive passed a company off Rt 20 with an IOM parked in it almost everyday -- I get to see it's backend from the road...
I wonder if its the one that resides in Clinton MA

Sterling 07-27-2010 12:12 AM

I put my first camaro5 card on an RJT SS a couple of days ago at the KMart in Fairhaven. I think it had a sticker from the town of Mattapoisett on it so it was definitely a local. I think I've seen it a couple of times before, but I've never met the owner.

2010CamaroRS 07-27-2010 09:31 AM

i handed out 3 cards at Marks last night

MSG' 07-27-2010 09:59 AM

I wish i had some cards

CaniacFan 07-27-2010 10:12 AM

Saw an IOM with Black stripes parked in the boonies at Target and a SW with Orange stripes at Applebee's last night both in the Brier Creek shopping center.. Didn't have my cards with me, was in hubby's Dodge Ram..

Tessa 07-27-2010 01:18 PM

I also pass a IBM on occasion in Marlborough on rt 20...he's going one way and I'm going the other (used to go a different way and would catch him at the light he was turning onto 20 from LOL) to wave once where he could see me and he waved back....

Havok 07-27-2010 01:45 PM

What are these cards people speak of?

2010 SSRS 07-27-2010 02:43 PM

I have been seeing a couple of more here in Warwick, I saw a V6 RJT, and a Black V6 last night.

rydahog 07-27-2010 02:46 PM

WOW! was riding down my street and saw this cgm 10 camaro , parked in my Garage...LOL

Silver1lt 07-27-2010 03:05 PM

there are numerous 5th gens in the malden everett area lately i got A&J on here to sign up with his white w/iom striped rs ... working on finding out who the other guys and one gal are that i see all the time
1. Silver with Black stripes like mine but an RS on the malden medford line(the gal)
2. Black w/Black stripes LS always on eastern ave in malden
3. Black w/white stripes ferry st area malden everett line
4. Red LT on the fells way before medford st
5. Red LS on bradford st in everett
6. RJT SS comin onto broadway from salem st in malden
7. Silver w/ Black striped SS around malden T station
8. Yellow w/ Black LT in Everett ...

thats all my spottings i can think of for now

chevy 3 07-27-2010 03:13 PM

Havok if you go

chevy 3 07-27-2010 03:17 PM

Havok if you go to the main home page there is a down load for camaro5 member gives you somthing to put on other camaros and hand to other owners.hoping to make camaro5 Bigger and better.

Tessa 07-27-2010 03:49 PM

I saw a black one at teh gas station on rt 140 like last week or the week before??
I came out of the Dunkin's and he was at the pump over from mine - any calm cool person I screamed "NICE!!!" and he look unenthused and was like "thanks" as I screamed (er..I mean, calmly said...) "That one's mine!!" and pointed.....he looked like he could care less.....

I was pretty sure I took a Camaro out of the garage that AM and not a prius but he seemed about as enthused as if we were driving matching Did he NOT get his a$$ out of a Camaro?? How do you not look like this :D....?? HOW??

Patfan1987 07-28-2010 07:38 PM

Had a silver one pass by me on I93 today, it was new since they still had the temp tags on. I also see a lot more around and i plan to start tagging them.

v6sonoma 07-28-2010 09:29 PM

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Originally Posted by Havok (Post 2148557)
What are these cards people speak of?

These! :D

Tessa 07-29-2010 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by v6sonoma (Post 2154450)
These! :D


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