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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Wow great stuff but trying to read small white type on a black background is very hard on the eyes. Do you have that 14 page write-up available as a .pdf document that can be downloaded? You guys are basically next on my list of upgrades and I want to read everything so I can make the best decision as to what to get.
We changed the formate early last year if I remember correctly. You are actually looking at the Aussie site, that is in fact the USA section of it. Pedders one all kinds of awards in AU. for their design. It is seriously popular. As for me, I find it harder to see. If you have a windows machine, you can put it in high contrast, which seriously helps. But colors will take some getting use to.

If you have a particular section you would like to see, you can copy it and paste to to a word file.

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