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Originally Posted by 570hp-lpe View Post

Folks, this car is DEFINITELY set up now to smoke the competition. Forget mustangs. they can't compete with this. The Pedders Extreme kit, with just the 27MM front pedders swaybar and stock rear bar blows away every corvette I have ever driven - and I have personally owned 14 C5 and C6 Vette's. Of them, 3 with T-1 kits installed. And I am still on Stock Camaro SS tires!..................
That's comforting to know it made such a difference, you sound not only happy, but excited at the change.

Does the xtreme track package seem to be too much for everyday driving with the occasional track day? My personal vehicles only see 5,000 miles per year driving, but I like control, even at the expense of NVH.

How is noise/vibration/harshness? Thanks for the review.

edit: The packages are being updated, is yours the Camaro Serious XA Track Extreme?
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