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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
That's comforting to know it made such a difference, you sound not only happy, but excited at the change.

Does the xtreme track package seem to be too much for everyday driving with the occasional track day? My personal vehicles only see 5,000 miles per year driving, but I like control, even at the expense of NVH.

How is noise/vibration/harshness? Thanks for the review.

edit: The packages are being updated, is yours the Camaro Serious XA Track Extreme?
Yes, I am VERY VERY happy. The extreme kit sets the camaro's suspension to be all that the car is capable of.. this is before tires and the correct swaybars for what I need to run for autocross. If the suspension did this much, the correct sways and tires will be a lethal combination.

I don't think the extreme is too much for the street. You would probably want to do exactly what I have right now.. 27MM front swaybar and stock rear. You can always add the 27MM rear swaybar at a later time if you wanted more. On the street, this setup is perfect. On the autocross or roadrace track, i will need more - 32 MM swaybars. The autocross track is a flat airplane runway. I will swap the rear when I drive on the street for something less.. Either the 27MM or the stock one. The 32MM rear bar has a disclaimer that parts will be damaged on the street.. I believe it. I havn't even seen the bar yet.

It handles now, due to the improved lack of movement from all those rubber bushings being replaced with POLY and the XA coilover shock settings. Swaybars will absolutely be needed for the track, but that is racing. On the street, you will still handle with a lesser bar. you can't drive everywhere on the road at racing speeds.Large sways will make your ride be harsh with this suspension.

Everyone always want BIG Swaybars. Unless you are racing, with the pedders kit, you don't need large bars. Large bars with the extreme kit FOR THE STREET will not work, in my opinion. That will give you a buckboard ride, and you will break parts. It will be too stiff. Remember, the Pedders bars are SOLID. They will not flex much.

Noise/vibration/harshness - no noise, some road feel. There was none before. Not harsh, but FIRM. The suspension is now set the way it should have been.

Be warned: you may not want to watch this kit be installed. The service tech will have to drop the entire rear suspension. It needs to come totally apart, and some of the stock bushings will have to be air chiseled out. Most of them are done in a 20 ton press. It took 6+ hours to upgrade the rear with 2 to 3 people working on it. The front was pretty easy, and took 1 hour - 1 person. the stock bushings are not made to be replaced - they are a real pain to remove, and are trashed when removed. You are not re-using any of the stock ones.

My car will be set up with the XA serious extreme kit. It is 3 bushings for the gear carrier (differential) that are recommended for high horsepower applications. I am 526HP at the rear wheels. Mike talked me into it.. Sounds like I need it. the serious XA extreme is only the 1201 rear diff bushing kit instead of the 1200. The 1200 has holes around the center boltholes of all 3 bushings. The 1201 is a solid poly bushing. This kit Will stop carrier walk. I will need this for hard starting launches with the car. It wasn't ready when we did the rest of the kit.
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