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Originally Posted by 570hp-lpe View Post
Thanks Pete! We will cross paths somewhere.. sometime... Count on it!
Good luck on the 10th and 11th! I know your car will smoke the vette! I have complete faith in Pedders!

Now I know how you felt when your car was assembled with the marathon session before the Berger car show.

My car has been in my posession 4 days. I just spent an extra 2K+ on top of the price of everything for the LPE work and the Pedders extreme kit,so I could fly to Indiana, pick up my car at Lingenfelter on friday, drive 1000 miles so Rob and crew at Wretched Motorsports could work on it on Sunday, 2 days later. It was worth every penny! I am pedderised and extremely proud of it! Lingenfelter woke it up and now thanks to pedders it can handle like it should have from the factory.

I spent so much money on upgrading my car I can't swing going to SEMA. LOL Probably a good thing.. I would want to buy more cool stuff for it. It still needs tires and rims, and some brake part upgrades that will happen over the winter.

Here are some pictures of my ride so far. I havn't had a chance to take any pictures of it outside in the daylight yet.

The first two were at Lingenfelter (pre Pedders), the rear assembly completed back in the car, the last one was when we were done with the car on the alignment rack. I will post some pictures as soon as I can wash it and take some good shots in the sun.
Very cool. You can skip SEMA as you already have the best of the best on your Camaro!
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