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Originally Posted by rodimus prime View Post
So for the non genius people such as myself, do you guys make kits like springs/sway bars and bushes(?). My car will be a bolt on auto with a 3600 stall pulling triple duty, street/track/drag. But I dont want to buy coil overs, as Im always budgeting to build the cheapest car possible.
No one really wants the cheapest. Cheap breaks. Cheap doesn't work. They want the most cost effective solution. They want to spend the least amount of money for maximum results.

The answer is yes we are offering basic to full on drag packages. For drag racing you would be most interested in the differential bushes, sub-frame bushes and rear alignment bolt kit. These will provide the most effecient transfer of power tire to strip by eliminating undesirable twisting in the IRS. The eXtreme alignment bolts will provide adequate range to go to the positive side of camber so when the rear end squats, the tire contact patch is square to the pavement for maximum power transfer. Your solution for the most cost effective drag package is found in these bushes and bolts.

Mike will post up links to the part numbers.
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