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I think the 20" wheels and tires are very nice. You can nit pick things up and down the car that could be better. If you take a look at it from the big picture,and the price tag, it is a freakin home run. I know you've indicated it's a good example,"out of the box", but then you say stuff like it has suv wheels.
If you plan to track your car or drive it in,"spirited" excursions, there are things you'll want to change. And money dictates where you start. I buy into the program that you upgrade suspension first when you have decent power to open. Knowing what I know now I would do drop springs and sway bars or if you have the money, coilovers. Drop the center of gravity and increase spring rate. It has an amazing effect on the cars handling. Then you decide what is cost effective for you as well as the criteria of importance/desire.
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