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Originally Posted by pinkcamaro10 View Post
I think it looks sweet!
Thanks Pink.

Originally Posted by Tactical Z View Post
These are nice.

But you are gonna overkill it by adding side ones.
Kinda worried about that. Unless I can come up with the right look.
Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
That orange bowtie has got to go!
Even if I put orange on the SSs?

Originally Posted by cHaotix View Post
It's pretty nice and subtle. Personally though, I think it would all look better if you had the Midnight Silver wheels.
I got em' in the garage. Gonna put them on when I wear down the rubber on my 21s and then swap back when I wear those down.

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Maybe something like this? If it's vinyl, try it out; if you don't like it you can peel it off.

That's why I'm doing it in vinyl for now.

Not too bad. Hmmmmmmmm............

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