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I swear I've driven a manual car before.

Ok so for anyone w/ a M6. What does your car idle at? This is more of a sanity check. I can't really be the only one right?

Mine will idle at 500RPM which to me seems low. Couple this with the narrow window of engagement on the clutch and damn if I don't stall this car like a 16yr old learning how to drive. Before anyone says it I've driven manuals since day 1. 6 in all and this is my 4th with a hydraulic clutch. I traded a 2006 GTO M6 in for it. And that car was a snap.

Anyway on the GTO and my truck they both idled at 750 and you could fell the clutch as it engaged and they were easy to drive. The Camaro idles so low as soon as I feel the clutch start to come in it is almost fully engaged and the car is trying to stall. I'm sure i'll get a better feel of the pedal as it comes in. hills have been pissing me off though. On one, when I need to give extra gas I keep slipping the clutch too much and smelling up the place.

Anyone else seeing this? I'm thinking about getting the predator and tuning up the idle some.
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