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Originally Posted by BlackinBlack View Post
Thanks as you were the source. I must have missed the final confirmation as the thread became very much a mess towards the end. (Major off topic discussion about paying warranties by tuners.)

Maybe you could answer another question. Does the ECU track mileage? For example I have 1000 miles on my car.... replace the ECU and tune the new ECU.... a 1000 miles later my trans tailshaft fails due to the factory defect.... so I swap back my "stock" ECU. Will there be a mileage mismatch between the ODO and the ECU? (In this example would the ODO say 2000 miles and the ECU reports 1000 miles.)
I don't blame you for missing it, quite a mess in that post!

There is no mileage reading in the ECM either. Actually anything that is not hard coded into the ECM from the factory (or us) is erased when battery power is removed.
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