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Originally Posted by CUPRA View Post
I have contacted 2 local dealers here in the DFW area.

Went to Bankston Chevy on Saturday to see if I could place a deposit on a LT with RS package and was told no, I have to wait till February. Fair enough. So I asked about pricing, saying I assumed what I wanted (LT + RS) would be about $26-27k. Dealer said no, it would start in the mid $30ks due to market adjustment. I turned and walked.

I called Classic Chevy in Grapevine today, asked the same questions, was told again, I can't put a deposit down till Feb, but in all honesty they will have many of them so there is no real need to put a deposit down. I asked about pricing for an LT with RS package and he told me that is projected to come in at between $24 to $26K. If anyone is getting my business, it will be Classic Chevy in Grapevine!!!

Same thing happened when we bought my wife's 06 Civic SI. We ordered it 3 months in advance, paid MSRP, but while looking around, other dealers in the area had them marked up to almost $8k above MSRP. It's madness!

I'm thinking it will be $20,000. But hey, anyone can throw numbers out there, because Chevy hasn't released any information yet. No, there isn't a dealer with an "inside track" on the pricing.

I'm getting PM's already asking why I can't mark cars up so "we" can make a buck on the most anticipated car ever.....Well, because we have decided "we" are MSRP or LESS on the Camaro......THAT'S WHY!

Go ahead - MARK THEM UP - post them up here.....Let's see the ANTICIPATION you get!
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