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March-April 2011 Convertible Camaro confirmed by Fritz!

OK so Fritz says 2011 Q1 (Lets say march-Aoril) How many were waiting and how pissed are you that....
A. They are bleeding dry the well of all camaro enthusiasts.
B. Making the interest rate an issue now! (EG if you buy a camaro in 2011 I can pretty much gaurantee it will cost you thousands more if yo finance!)

The reason for the post is just to question/accentuate the issue of why they are production ready yet are not releasing till 2011!

PS on a side note this news actually does not bode well for a z-28 because it's release would coincide with the vert! And if they drop a LS-9 LS-A then the R&D for the vert is moot and would just torque the bejeeezus out of a frame and has a Gen ever not had a Z-28 Vert? You know the answer!
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