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The Newbie has a question...

So I just got my Camaro on Saturday (2SS RS) and have been driving it this weekend getting used to it. For the record, I am pretty "green" when it comes to driving stick. I learned on an old truck in Iraq on my last deployment, came back with a wad of cash, and told myself to get balls deep in a brand new Camaro. Figured I'd better do it right; why get a muscle car and it not be stick or V8 (plus my dad would disown me, but I digress...)

So far so good! Had no clue about the skip shift, so at first I thought I was doing something wrong (WHY would I go from first to fourth when I am going so slow...). I do have some trouble getting into first, but it is getting better by the hour. Sometimes I am in the groove, other times I have to turn the music down and concentrate. Any helpful pointers on smoothing it out would be appreciated! It sometimes feels like I am anticipating the sweet spot too much and end up revving it more than I should. Also, if you experts out there wouldn't mind sharing where you shift I would appreciate it. I am trying to break it in right, so I have been shifting at around 2k-3k, and not much over 3.5k. Nice and smooth, not in a race or a rush. Other than that I'm just trying to smooth out the transitions when I shift. They aren't bad, I don't have whiplash or anything, but they could be and should be better.

So, to all the experienced ones out there, a little help!!

If I'm doing something wrong, please take the following actions:
  1. Smack me
  2. After a comical expression aimed at hurting my feelings, tell me what I am doing wrong
  3. Tell me why its wrong and how to fix it
  4. Smack me again

After you guys are done tarring and feathering me, I'll come back and post some more newbie stuff and the fun can continue. I'll admit my retardedness and eventually get it right. I LOVE this car!!!

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