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Did the deal with Becky myself...nothing short of perfect!!! Ordered mid-August, less than six weeks later, flew in, stayed a night in a local hotel. Received my bright and cheery wake-up call by herself truly. 45 minutes later, she picked me and the wifer up and off to the golden arches ordering coffee. 30 minutes of paperwork, a handshake from her GM and we were off into the wild blue yonder. Funny story...she called later that day and asked how the drive was going and how I liked the new ride...I responded accordingly. She asked, " So how fast have you gone in it yet?" Funny part is I just got done ripping around a line of three truckers to avoid any road chips and was just shutting her down when she called. I was like "holy shit", I don't think I like all these fancy gadgets, I asked the wife, "How the hell did she know?". Becky asked, "Did you go over a hundred?" I said, "Hell no, that would be against break-in protocol!" That car is a frickin dream to drive...Thanks Becky!!! I know you'll read this sooner or later. Bless your heart and thanks for the follow-up. Talk to you again...soon. Do you have the Z28 in yet? I think I will be driving that one back to WY too!
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