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Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
I think we should go to Mobile first...

I know it would be a long drive for you people up North but it's worth it. Trust me..

One of the reasons to go down there in like November and December is it's not 20 degrees or 100 degrees it's right in the middle and it feels good..

I think we could do what Scott was talking about..

Meet PQ in Mobile then go somewhere to eat(He probably knows where some good places are, I know a couple too)

Then after eating everybody cruise down to the USS Alabama..

It would be a chance for some of you who have not been there to go there and see it..

We could get some good photos beside the tanks and stuff outside the ship(I think)

Then you could get some good ones in front of the ship..

Then I'm sure I could find a place along the bay for us to take pictures..

We could get some good group shots and individual shots too..

If we do this we need to get everybody who can make it to come!..

How does this sound fellows?

The car should be here by the end of October. Veteran's Day time frame and USS Alabama sounds pretty cool.
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