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Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post
^I do remember seeing that.

I think we can keep an eye on this thread to both keep the rumors to a minimum and propose what the Z28 might me. I'm sure from the Mods perspective, with all the increased traffic around here, they'd rather have one thread to monitor.

So, with that,

I know there is the blown test mule out there somewhere... But, I'm really interested in a Touring version, like the first gen Z28, without an LSA-like power plant. That would make it a much tougher decision between the ss and the Z28. I don't really need or want all the creature comforts. Of course I'd have to change my cutomization plans... Paint would definitely by out.... Interesting.
That exaclty states what I've been thinking but haven't really been able to articulate! I don't really want a stripped down racer, but I want something that is going to cruise nice, and kick the rear end out everytime I think about stepping on the skinny pedal. That was EXACTLY it.

Maybe we were separated at birth, LOL!!!
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