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And the arguement of dynacorn vs. the real thing, here's why i want a dynacorn:

1: Its a brand new car, everything works and will work for years and years just like a new car

2: Can be had with tons of current options like power windows (which were actually available on 69's but VERY rare by the way) 9-speaker sound system, etc.

3: Most of these company's build these cars with great warranties, i know the company in the links at the top has a good warrenty on all of their cars

4: EVERY detail in the car is brand new, no worrying about small problems or blemishes here or there, no tiny imperfections to annoy the hell out of you

5: You can drive them daily without worrying about damaging a rare muscle car (AMAZING, who doesnt want a 69' Camaro as a daily driver?) Not to mention updated suspension so you arent driving a stage coach

6: Full reign of options...want an 350? Want a 454? LS1? LS7? LS9? 6-speed manual? 6-speed auto even? Its all here and its all easy to do now

People are buying up the 2010 Camaros for these reasons, because they're badass Camaros that closely resemble the 69's, but if the real deal were available with all of the drivetrain and luxury of the 2010s?? You think the 2010s are selling well, dynacorn 69's with the drivetrain and luxury of the 2010s would make a snug spot in the Guinness Records book =D
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