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Originally Posted by 28Dennis
Ok so gas costs way too much. Every car forum is talking about it, so why not us too. On CNN some gm exec was just talking her head off about E85 and how alot of the cars will be able to drive on both E85 and regular fuel.

So what are the chances that GM uses E85 in a performance car, I think they should do it just to be a first at it. Theres actually already a few E85 gas stations up (one by me!) I think alot of other americans are thinking the way I do, about not just the cars price but how much its going to cost to fuel the thing. As of right now I dont know if I could afford a car like the camaro just because it would get poor mileage. But E85 would be the answer for me.

GM should just do it and make E85 on all there cars. It will help america get off foreign oil, and at the same time make farming an honarble field again.

I say do it, between this car, the pontiac solstice and the new Z06, GM is definitly on the rise, finish it off by making this car E85 ready.

This should be completely feasable. If you break it down to the science of E85.. it is 105 octane fuel. To put that into perspective.. a car running on 87 octane can achieve a 10.6:1 compression ratio rather safely depending on timing. You increase that to 91 octane, and now you are able to use 11.7:1 compression ratio. That difference in 4 octane points translates to roughly 30 horsepower in most engines (look at Toyota 3.5l engine vs Lexus 3.5l. ).

Now take that same equation and increase the octane to 105.. a differnence of 14 octane points. If all else is equal, that should yeild an increase of 105 horsepower !!!!

All while being less relient on those Arabs or Opec, and increasing jobs and domenstic production. Oh darn.. Bush won't be able to take of another nation for his daddy :(

Humm.. I dunno what do you think E85 ???

(this car is more bueatiful than my wife ! ! )
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