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I have had a lot of experiences with GM performance cars. Back in “the day”, my everyday cars for going to work and driving my kids to school were what we now call classic muscle; I had a ’64 GTO, a ’66 GTO, and a ‘68 Camaro (one at a time, of course). Each one ordered and built to my liking with a big motor and a 4 speed tranny. Giving away my age now, the new ’64 GTO was my first car. In addition, I used to drag race Chevys, both small block and rat motors. I built and raced a 302 ’57 Chevy Nomad that ran in the mid to low 12s and a Hillborn injected 454 big block B/Altered that ran in the mid 10s.

As time wore on, I eventually sold everything and gave it all up. I spent the next 25 years living quietly in the “burbs” of Metro-Detroit, driving in the slow lane in 3.0 liter minivans, focusing on my career, raising my family and occupying myself with other interests and hobbies. Life has been good.

One day this past year I experienced moment of reckoning and awakening: I was driving in the area of the GM Technical Center when the most drop-dead gorgeous car I have ever seen pulled up along side of me. It was a 2010 “Bumble Bee” SS Camaro, wearing the telltale manufacture’s plate that we often see around Metro-Detroit.

I freaked out and almost drove off the road. I had missed the Concept Camaro at the Detroit Auto Show, but I had heard about it. So there was no doubt what this thing was. “Oh, Ma Gawd”, I screamed at my wife, “Look at that…that's gotta be the new Camaro”.

As it slowed down to turn into the Tech Center, I looked back at it thru my rear view mirror. One look into those beautiful haloed eyes…err…headlights, and I was toast. Right then and there, I knew that I had to have one.

"That’s my story and I’m stickin' to it"

Alfie - Metro-Detroit
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