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well with me I have several pieces of history. My first vehicle was my truck it was a early 60s Chevy pick up. no engine, lots of rust. I spent hours working on it sanding it down. only to come to find out that the person that sold it to me didnt have title & I had to turn it back over to him, (well his soon to be ex wife).

but my second story is meeting someone, rich in GM history. it was the day I met Scott Settlemire for the first time. Everyone in our camaro club had talked about someone from GM coming to our show & bringing toys for us to check out.

We were at the track, & low & behold here comes a cop car, with lights a going, I kind of rolled my eyes & just walked away. But got dragged back over to be introduced to him. (he still owes me a race) anyways it started raining (like normal we live in washington state) & they closed down the track. My husband & I were invited to go hang out & have dinner with this man from GM. Only to come to find out, he loves his job & loves being involved with both the people who work for GM & the people like us, who just go out & buy the cars & love them.

Pics of when we first met him,
Hes the guy in the blue closes to the Camaro, Zhawk is standing beside him & I am the only woman in the pic
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