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Find a dealer that will write in the contract no more than MSRP including deposit and only requires $500 for a deposit. My dealer did that for me - it is just finding the right dealer. I'd never give up the camaro just because one or two dealerships try to rip me off. I would continue to look for one that will write in contract what I want. That's what I love about my dealer, customer for life. I have been going there since I started driving, my parents have been going there for 19 years - they never have done us wrong. Heck, they are honest too - my colorado got hit by one of their staff trying to park another car, so it had to get repainted - they cut off $2000, fine by me! It's just finding the right dealer, for example Scotty's, and there are others out there just like that. Dealer for life, not one time!
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