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my thoughts

Hey guys I got a 1966 GTO and I am awaiting the arrival of this new Camaro
I was just talking to a Gm rep for GM Canada. I am pretty convinced that this car is going too priced really high.

1. Gm cars deprecate more rapidly (less than ford) than others
2. It being a sport car and the fuel economy on it, will be a hard hit when you go to sell.

I think GM and some what Dodge are missing out on the market for retro muscle cars by coming into late, the mustang has done really well, and looks good too (I would not buy one though). But the one thing I think Ford is doing well, is there not pricing the car way out of range

Lets hope that GM makes this car reasonable ... here in Canada we always get ripped off by paying 10 to 15 grand more for the same product you boys will pay for down in the states. I know I will wait for the different model types like a Z or Z28 and not jump at the first offering,

But not to state the obvious the loss on these rides will be the same or more than the mustangs you see used in the auto traders around your parts and mine, think I shall let someone else take the hard hit first and by used

Ps the car looks sick ... please lord I only make 9 dollars an hour...
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