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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
When a bottle of octane boost (or snake oil as I call it) says 3 points it means from 89 to 89.3 not to 91. Total waste of money.
exactly right.... see post 7

Originally Posted by mega View Post
I hope you all know why/how the computer knows to pull ignition and up the fuel/air ratio

KNOCK, that's right, the engine knock sensor, from preignition

it's NOT good, just because the engine is smart enough to retard ignition and richen the fuel does not mean it's good to run 87
knock = detonation... see post 15

Originally Posted by jsenn View Post
I would run 93 all day. however, even the vettes with trhe LS3 can run on 87, you jus lose some power. I don't remember who said it earlier, but the higher the octane rating, the WORSE fuel economy you get because it burns at a higher rate.

What we should all be hoping for is E85 capabilities, because that burns hotter than 93 and will give you some extra horses when using it.

wait a sec... so you say that the higher octane rating, the worse fuel economy... e85 is effectively 100-105 octane rating... e85 users will spend the same amount if not more to run it over gasoline due to the fact that e85 tuned motors tend to run richer than gasoline. so what they think they are saving on gas at the pump, they are more than paying back on the road.

and when it comes to horsies, the only real time that e85 outshines regular gasoline is when the motor has a high enough compression ratio to make use of the higher octane level of e85. most other times e85 runs slightly less hp than gasoline.

and here's a nice coverage (by the epa) about e85s stats
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