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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
The problem with those handles are that they're very small and narrow. Try fitting your key into the hole. If you're not very precise, it will lead to several small scratches on the door...I can see why they changed them. I'd rather have the old school door handles (a button on the bottom of the car) but those C6 handles look hot.
I had an 88 Grand Prix with those handles and never had any problem "Hitting the hole" Plus where they were located on the door window frame hid them very well,. Anyway I would say Keyless entry will be standard on the Camaro or at least 90 percent of them will have it so the key may never be used to unlock the car.

But I have no problem with the Handles on the New Camaro. They look just like the ones on my HHR and Sky, I wonder if they can be swapped, because my HHR and Sky both have Chrome handles.
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