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Dropped the Camaro off at the dealer for warranty paint work..having 2nd thoughts

We have a Rally Yellow 2SS RS with painted ground effects, and painted black stripes. When I was washing it the first time, I noticed that the paint on the rear bumper was not right. Basically, the paint is kinda translucent like skim milk. If the light hits it right, you can actually see some black (or whatever color the bumper is) through the paint. When looking further, I noticed the rear steel fender, rear plastic bumper, and rear ground effects (dealer painted) are all different shades of yellow. The ground effects actually look the best oddly. So I took it to the dealer, and they said they are gonna try and make it look better and respray some stuff. My concern is..I have never had warranty body work done on a car. I am starting to worry I am opening up a can of worms I don't want having body work done on a basically new car.

Anyone else been through this yet?

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