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Originally Posted by drtwo View Post
I like the responses and still feel that unless you are going to (down the line) do some major modification (NOS, TURBO, SUPERCHARGER) which the VAST majority are NOT, headers and CAI may give you a few extra horsepower, but until you gain well over 100+ HP you won't see any TRUE performace gain (ie.. compare the V6 to the V8 in the 1/4 mile times...and that's OVER 120 EXTRA HP!!!!) 10 here and 20 there will only give you milliseconds... so unless you are a hard core racer...DO IT ONLY FOR THE SHOW, NOT THE 'GO'...
you can spend a few thousand on suspension and the car handles totally different...and the pest performance mod in my mind is a driving school...but anyway..I dont believe in NOS, turbo's or superchargers...but I do believe in more cubes head work cams a n/a guy to my core
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