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Haddad Motorsports looking for shifter Guinea Pig :)

This is a billet products shifter for a camaro.

We have been using there products on the GTO and G8 GXP platforms and have been very happy with them.

The handle length is fully adjustable and it uses the stock shifter nob.

This is the first production based version that has come to the states, we need a victim so that we can get install pictures and make sure everything is perfect.

1. Must be an active forum member.
2. Must be local to Haddad Motorsports
3. Must be willing to make commentary on product.
4. Must be willing to leave car at Haddad Motorsports for a day.

I will be charging a small fee (cost of product). Labor is on us.

Please feel free to pm us if your are interested.

Mike Haddad
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