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Incredible pictures!

Some GREAT looking cars out there. The Hurst Camaro?.......plain and simple. Looks GREAT!

One thing I love is that black ball shifter. That's the one I want, for sure. Buuuut....I wonder if it's possible. And the Hurst wheels???....yep! VERY similar to what I have in mind.

The spoiler on the other Camaro is pretty sick....I gotta agree. I would add that to my Camaro as well.

You guys are pretty nuts getting up in the wee hours of the am to get out there at 4:30am....even that's a bit early for me.......

I'm jealous. I saw the pix....knew where you guys were on a couple of roads...(that was the way home from my dads work)...and just WISHED I could have been there with ya!

Congrats on one helluva showing. All of you guys have some GREAT looking rides!!!

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