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Before I deplyed I have a 1998 Oldsmoble Cutlass. Over the course of 2 years I had gotten 5 tickets! 78 in a 65, 93 in a 65, accident, 53 in a 35, and finally 87 in a 65 that got my license stripped for 6 months. Man that sucked. I cannot help it, I love speed. Since then I've totally slowed down and havent had a ticket in 2 years, (good for me). Speeding is not worth it. Theres times for fun, and I just didnt pay attention, I thought that I would never get caught so many times. Nope. I was paying $328 per month for car insurance. Then it went down in about 6 months to about $280 and stayed there. The only relief I could get was to pay off the car and get bare minimum insuance, still cost me $150 per month. Be a smart speeder, if there is such a thing!!! I wasnt!

BTW...all cleared now off record
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