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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
However, I carry a $250 deductible since the first person to ever hit my car wasn't insured and I had to pay the deductible to get my car fixed. The insurance company went after the guy for their portion.

Doing a quick policy change quote, switching from a $250 deductible to $1000 deductible takes my annual premium ('97 C1500 & '04 Expedition) from $1092/yr to $988/yr. A savings of $104/yr.
Wierd, my uninsured motorist doesn't have a deductible. It's fully covered but that's State Farm, not sure about others.

$104 is a decent amount of money to me. I have 3 cars and a motorcycle so that adds up quick. It seems like mine was a little more than that though maybe $200 for the year on each vehicle and like $250 on the bike.

At any rate, the real piece of good info from this is that a 2008 Z06 would only be $900 a year for me to insure. That's awesome as the SS Camaro would HAVE to be less than that.
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