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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
Not trying to dispute your information but the last 5 fender benders I've been the recipient of have all cost the other guys between $2k and $3k to get my vehicles fixed. These were minor too - no major damage, usually just a single slightly crunched body panel and maybe a bumper.
True are so expensive to repair now....dealerships/bodyshops try to make every dime they can off you. Its kind of a shady business. Say you hit some one in the rear end at a rolling 5-10mph, you crunch in the bumper on the other persons car, well you THINK you are paying for a bumper/paint, etc, but find out OMG the frame is bent, blah blah blah...seen it happen...a simple $800-1000 repair just turned into thousands upon thousands...the frame was probably perfectly fine...its sad...protect yourself from crap like this!!!
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