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Project Pumpkin: Updated with pics!

So i got my black 2SS RS with IOM interior and a stick on Saturday the 17th of October after a long wait (including a failed order with a local dealer). Placed the order with BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet and Had the car Drop shipped to Manchester and picked up it up right after the first snow.
Soooo now the mods.
Nothing crazy the car is currently in paint two tone Orange/Black with the center section of the hockey strip in the center.
Cat back exhaust
I was going to install a hurst shifter but I am not sure if the manual transmission issues are done and I don't trust the local dealers if I have a warranty issue.
Pics to come when I get the car back.

Camaro In the city with the new grill 11/28/09
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Riding dirty in Vermont
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Found the real Bumblebee

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