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Originally Posted by Teamturbo View Post
What you are referring to is "Anti-Lag." And yes, it basically causes combustion inside the turbo making it spool up instantaneously at the cost of shorter lifespan of the turbo in most cases due to the INSANE amount of heat created. Rally racers have been using it for years and drag racers have started using it over the past years to current as well.

As for the donor car, we won't be "thrashing" on it as you say. We will be dyno tuning it which is a heavily monitored and scientific process that will properly take the engine to the capable power goals in a progressive manner. Expecting a turbo kit for free is a little steep. The car will be very well taken care of.
But in fact "stuff happens"... I wouldn't be surprised if people who are trying to develop power adders for the LLT pop a few motors along the way... in fact Lingefelter kind of implied this with the "got to break a few eggs to make an omelet" comment...
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