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Originally Posted by drivingincamaro View Post
yea thats what other colors did in sunlight IOM was basically red in no sunlight and in sunlight it was a deep orange

i say wait for more pics outside and inside before we make our judgement.

do we have a confirmation that it is Synergy green?

hmm the shades are really close the pickup has less contrast to it though
we don't even know if this is synergy or not people...
personally i'm gonna wait until i see official pics from chevy and it's confirmed that Synergy is the shade being added to the camaro colors. What happened to Opel Green?

i averaged out pretty well all the shaded of green from the pic from the video, and got the first pic below:
then i color matched and tweaked it a bit to the other 3 pics below.
should go without saying... but these are photoshops, not real.
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