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Originally Posted by Grandeos View Post
We wont know how good/bad Synergy Green looks until we actually see pics of it in daylight conditions. If it is anything like the Snakeskin Green from the Dodge Viper, then I am sure it will look great, with a pearlescent-type color travel. But if it comes out flat, like how it looks in some of the angles, then i think it will look horrible. Nicely accented though with some black ralley stripes and/or a black hood, with black rims........ you get the picture.... it has potential. Just not for everyone.

Fbodfather has posted that synergy green is NOT like the green color on the chevy spark, or the snakeskin green on the viper. ( i posted pics of both the spark and the viper on this and another forum) I really like the color on the spark and the viper. oh well, i guess we will see next week what it looks like.
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