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LT With RS Package Constraint

Originally Posted by weeno310 View Post
hey man, can you give me more info about the LT constraint you're talking about? thnx
Go back to the Camaro5 home page, scroll down to the 23 Oct item, and click on the LINK in the last sentence. You'll see LT RS is on constraint 0 - 10% availability for next 5 to 6 weeks. This is a double whammy when combined with ABM phase out. I plan to bury TWO Hot Wheels next to my driveway to counteract the negative forces ... also found out that St. Christopher is the patron saint of automobile drivers, so I'll be adding daily prayers. While I'm add it, might as well offer Jobu cigars and rum - it worked for Pedro Cerrano for hitting the curve ball - and this is quite a curve ball GM is throwing us!
Order No. NQRF51 2LT RS ABM/ Gray Int/ A6/ Sunroof
1100 - preliminary order accepted 10-30-09 Best Chevrolet, Hingham, MA
XXXX- abandoned order; bought same car at Durand Chevrolet 11-10-09 Woohoo!!! 2G1FC1EVXA9159071
2500 - order preferenced 11-11-09
3000 - order accepted by production control 11-18-09 TPW 12-14-09
3300 - order scheduled for production 12-9-09
3400 - order broadcast 12-15-09
3800 - order produced 12-18-09 My orig order actually did get built! 2G1FC1EVXA9179031

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