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Originally Posted by JHart View Post
i usually hold my shifter next to the gear when i drop down, push the clutch in until it falls into the lower gear, and slowly let off the clutch. just takes practice man, hell i'm 17 and i've got this thing about down pat. took me about a month.
no no no. i can't stand it when people do that in my truck!! that's a great way to need a replacement clutch sooner. the less time you're working the clutch pedal on hard shifts like that, the better. if you want to downshift, you're much better off rev-matching because you ain't making the clutch disk slip and match engine/transmission speeds. that wears the surface more & builds up heat - 2 things you don't want.

Originally Posted by lcmc View Post
What's with double clutching. Haven't had to do that since the Model T was out!
or at least since synchronized gears came out

Originally Posted by JHart View Post
idk what the hell double clutching is. i try to rev match my gears when downshifting, if that's double clutchin,i guess i do it alot then. lol.
nope. double clutching is where you push the clutch, shift to neutral, release the clutch so the engine and input shaft match speeds, then push the clutch, select gear, and release the clutch.

this is really only needed in non-synchronized transmissions

Originally Posted by Susantroy1 View Post
I have always used engine braking on all my bikes and vehicles to assist in slowing down. I've never had a tranny problems and my brakes last well into the 40-70k range. Am I not understanding here?? is nemosgt saying that engine braking is bad on a tranny?? anybody care to clear this up???
it's just a littler harder on the transmission and clutch. the purpose of downshifting is to either be able to accelerate out of the lower gear or assist the brakes when you have a heavier load. if you're just rolling up to a stop sign, there's no need to downshift. just use the brakes - that's what they're made for

Originally Posted by 55Designs View Post
I feel the same way and experience the same jerkiness.

For one I am not used to this driveline and I have other cars that Rev to 9000RPM and I can downshift at 4-5k RPM safely because the engines RPM will spike higher and not be a huge deal. The Camaro is a not happy doing that.

I tried downshifting on the Camro from 3-4500 RPM and it locks the rear up and skids dangerously. Going from 4th to 3rd, or 3rd to 2nd and were talking speed below 60MPH

Driving this car is an entirely new experience because its so unrefined compared to other cars I have and owned. I do hope things get better.
consider, these engines ain't designed to rev as high as many smaller engines or even european or japanese engines. yes, it does take some time to get used to, but once you find the sweet spots for each gear, you'll be shifting like a madman!
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