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First off.. Great job on the Wallpapers.. They look amazing.. Jaw dropping and makes me drool even more..

Believe me, I don't want to turn this thread into a V8 bumper bashing thread and please don't take this as me wanting to start something. However staring at these photo's in this thread only solidifies my feelings of how much better I love the V6 bumper over the V8 after spending the last few weeks trying my hardest to like the pictures of the silver/black SS... It is making things extremely difficult for me in my decision to dish out more money for the V8 just for the power when it doesn't look exactly the way I want it to. At this point in time, I shouldn't even be having any doubts about where to spend my money since I don't care about gas mileage that much and I want a stick so I can feel the power of the car. It shouldn't be an issue at this point in time after seeing both V8 and V6 versions but for some reason it is troubling me. At this point I just wish the only visual difference between the V8 and the V6 was the non-functional slot on the hood and not the shape of the bumper and size of the air opening on the bottom. To me the V6 bumper simply looks so much more like the concept which is all I asked for ever since seeing the concept in person. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way and most people in this forum are happier with the new bumper or simply don't care one way or another based on polls. Furthermore I'm almost 75% sure I will be getting a V8 because of this issue when it should be me being 110% sure about it since all I've been dreaming about is a powerful V8 all these years. So please, no need to make this into a bumper thread, just really felt I needed to say this and get it off my chest.

I'm glad to see all of these pictures however as earlier today I believe I was mentioning that I was suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of new pictures of the Camaro. Even though we've already seen these, some of them are larger and look nicer now as wallpapers.. The yellow camaro looks very nice.. Add black stripes and you got Bumblebee

I really want to see some of these in SS form in different color's.. I wonder what GM is waiting for? Especially when we already know from the black one and painted silver for the series what it looks like as well as the Olympics commercials of it.. Even though the lack of SS pictures, I'm still pumped after seeing these and it should get me thru the week ..
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