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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
If I was actually a member of the Blue Angels team, or in the Navy I'd consider something like that but since I'm not somehow I just don't feel it would be right to make the car appear as though it's a military car, or a team car. I'm old school; I feel there are certain emblems, badges of honor, etc. that should only be worn by those who earned them. I want my car to be a respectful tribute but not a wannabe if you understand what I'm saying.

I could make it look like one of the planes; down to the emblems and "pilot's" name under the window on the door but somehow that just seems too much. If this were a show car, sure under those circumstances it would work. But as a regular street car? It would be like I was pretending to be a representative or spokesman in some way and that's just not something I want to do.

I appreciate the suggestion though!! And there's no question a fully-done Blue Angels team car would be fantastic looking.
your right i was not thinking about that i fully understand but its still gonna be awesome good job.
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