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Originally Posted by Rodrunner View Post

Good to hear from you, Skyman. Still "retired", huh? Is it all it's cracked up to be? Best to ya!
Thanks Rod, Yeah I am back, I got the itch and I can't scratch it, the only thing that will is get that yellow Camaro I was wanting before I was "Retired" by the company.... Every time I see a Camaro on the street My heart races... These SEMA pics have done me in and I put my Sky up for sale today.....

Most of these cars are slightly overdone (some downright ugly), but I understand that most companies just do one car with just about everything they make for it, you just have to pick and choose the pieces and parts you like.. and just think, you don't have to stick to all the parts that are on one car, you can mix and match parts suited to your own taste... It reminds me of those old 3-in-1 Model kits I used to buy when I was a Kid.. I always mixed the parts together to come up with my own unique car.
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