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Originally Posted by ryeguycamaro View Post
I beg to differ. VectorMotorsports power flash can restore stock tunes. The flash counter is not active in our ecu. I also have a friend who is a gm mechanic and he checked mine after I put the stock tune back in and he knew nothing different. All info came back as if it were a unmodified car. Also if it were tuned don't you think big brother would know and send a flag out? My diagonostic was just run and I have my tune in and everything was problem free. Call Vector Motorsports they can clarify all of this up for anyone. Lot easier to talk directly then to bounce back and fourth on the forums of he said she said.
I also beg to isn't what the tech can see at the is what GM can see when the dealership is REQUIRED to send the computer upload to them. My guess is that there is alot more going on "behind the scenes" that the techs can't even see. When you have a powertrain seems that GM is requiring an upload on nearly every one that happens. If GM couldn't see anything more than the techs...the really wouldn't need this as a screenshot printout would suffice.

I think you'd be suprised what the tuners may or may not know. I used to be supportive of the tuners until they started claiming "invisble" tunes and promoting ways for the customer to "go back to stock" as a way to cheat warranty concerns.

If you mod your car's powertrain, including a tune, then you need to accept that your powertrain warranty is void...just that simple.

As far as a tune making a car run better...not going to hash that out...but think of it this way...then why aren't the tuners offering some type of powertrain warranty. I know one of the suppliers (supercharger maybe) has a supplemental warranty available for powertrain coverage...I'd think a tuner that has done proper testing (more than just tuning a few cars for more hp) could verify their work to an insurer and get the same type of coverage available.

I'd also think that the tuners would be willing to assist their customers with what are being deemed "bogus" (by the tuners and their customers) denials of powertrain warranties. If their product could in no way cause a failure, then they should be willing to help defend their own work and name and also to help out their customer.
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