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Originally Posted by DaveinOK View Post
Very nice. How long did they keep your car?
I took it in on a Monday, about 11:30am and picked it up Thursday around Noon. So, three full days.

They would have had it ready probably Wednessday, but they were shipped a white "SS" for the trunk lid and mine is red. They have to remove it as well as the bowtie on trunk lid because they clear coat the entire lid.

I hope this helps.

Keep in mind too. When I got it back, there was white stuff (sanded clear coat) everywhere. (It seems like I'm still finding it.) Additionally, I found a couple of spots on each rear quarter panels that were "dull" as though they had spilled something on it (down low behind the rear wheels). I used some "oops" to remove it and Meguires cleaner wax and it buffed right out. I'm sure I could have taken it back to them, but I didn't want to give it up again.

They did a beautiful job on the stripes, but they didn't do to good at cleaning her up. Just be prepared for that. I enjoy cleaning the car, so it wasn't that big of deal to me, but it might bother some.

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