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Originally Posted by Davis View Post
Lets muddy the waters even more...

Let say I have minor mods and I want to get a dyno tune. I take it to my favorite tuner and the results are minimal. I decide that the +6 hp is not worth risking my warranty and have the stock tune put back on right then and there.
Following the logic of some of the posters, I'm screwed. My warranty is now void! Really???

No one can say 100% for sure. That is the issue here. We have tuners claiming GM can't tell you've untuned your car and others, like myself, that believe that there are probably some things that the tuners may not be able to see. No one has proven anything either matter what they tell you. It comes down to the fact of whether you've got the money to gamble on losing your powertrain warranty. If you don't...then don't mess with mods.
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