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I've got both a 2LT/RS and a moderately modified 2000 Z28. The 2LT is my daily driver and when I pull out the Z28 it is a world of differences. The steering wheel now feels super skinny in the Z28. I definitely don't miss the hood dropping off into oblivion on the Z28. Seats are far more comfortable though my Z28 came with cloth seats. To me it feels like I'm sitting much lower in the old Camaro.

Now it is really impossible for me to compare power, a heads/cam, 12 bolt with 4.56 gears and bunch of suspension work aimed at drag racing Z28 to a stock 2LT/RS is like apples to nails

When I'm asked what I think about the new Camaro I tell people it is better in every way except weight and power then my other Camaro.
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