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I owned a 2000 Trans Am A4 and I still own my '96 Trans Am WS6 (LT1). Both obviously have more torque than the Camaro's V6, so in the lower RPM ranges the V8s feel more powerful for sure. I recommend you break in your Camaro first of course, but once you get past 1k miles or so you'll really be able to start feeling the power of the 3.6 V6. You need to keep the rpms in the 4k+ range, but the car really comes alive! Its seriously quick for a V6 and with my Corsa exhaust it sounds awesome. You may miss the low end torque at first, but you soon forget b/c the car is just so much better in every other aspect except maybe visibility. Plus I enjoy putting the hammer down in the V6 more than my TA b/c I know I'm only burning cheaper 87 octane versus premium 93! You're not gonna be disappointed.
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