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Originally Posted by gunslinger View Post
The A6 will have a gas-guzzler tax while the M6 won't?

I figure the rated EPA MPG will be similar...
No, no, no...... I sorry, I think I might not have been very clear..... I was talking about the GTO and why I don't think you will have to pay for the manual on the Camaro:

What I meant, was, that since the 6 speed manual was a 695.00 option on the GTO, GM may have been using the fact that the standard 4 speed automatic was subject to a federal 1200.00 gas guzzler tax to garner some extra cash, while still be able to say the 6 speed manual was less than the automatic.

The AFM should help the Camaro avoid a gas guzzler tax. GM is aiming for 23 mpg highway with the automatic L99, which is about 3 mpg highway more than the 6.0 4 speed automatic got on the GTO. Not to mention, the ratings system has been revised since the GTO went out of production, so the L99 Camaro should be quite a bit more economical than the GTO automatic ever was.
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