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Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post
I must be having a brain fart but what is a TM?

I hope not
I'm sorry; I should'nt have been lazy. TM is torque management. For simplicity, it comes in a lot of times between shifts, especially for autos'. In my car, anything above 1/3 throttle evokes massive throttle manipulation from the powertrain control module. It will litterally pull timing (?and fuel?) so that there is less shock to the drivetrain to prolong life. In my car, it feels like I'm stomping on the brakes, hard, between shifts when I'm on it because of my somewhat high-speed stall torque converter. When I have the TM removed, it shifts super quick and a little firmer. I can recall seeing many older LS1 F-bodies run at the track, and they would chirp the 1-2 shift, while almost an '01-'02 car wouldn't. My brother's didn't either. I'm not sure how much more of a difference there was mechanically between the transmissions in those years, but I do know that TM can take away a littler performance.

Now, do you want to remove it?... Well, GM put it there for a reason.
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