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Originally Posted by Beauwulf View Post
Thanks Mike! So, was this a "tail happy" setup where you need 500HP to get it around or will a lesser amount (say 350 HP V6) do as well?

How much for the wheels and tires?
Thru the twisties, the advantage of Pedders is not hp, but control and matching suspension setup to the tires, to the driver's abilities. A really aggressive setup will work just fine on a stock v6. Having higher hp, does give you additional advantages on certain to the seriously high talented driver who knows how to drift and elects to do a controlled drift thru a corner. Also be advised the Solution C sway bar is not for everyone. If improperly setup, it can introduce a oversteer that a untrained driver may not know how to deal with. Our Solution B package would be a better setup for the novice.

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