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Yeah I'm not too into the loud pipes chopper type Harleys. The only ones I really like are the VRSC models. They're racy and unique. I plan on turbocharging mine and running it at the track. As far as the Japenese sportbikes go, I like those too but I can't fit on half of them. I rode my buddy's '05 GSXR 1000 and my elbows were hitting my knees the whole time. I'm not even that tall (6ft). I love the Hayabusa and ZX-12, but the wife won't let me get a bike that fast, but she's letting me turbocharge my Night Rod Special. Go figure. The turbo is good for 165 at the rear wheel and about a 10.1 in the 1/4, which is plenty fast for me. Now to get back on topic, I hope Chevy speeds things up a bit. Only 288 days until the official unveiling of the production Challenger. I'm getting extremly impatient for a new musclecar.
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