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another completed TVS 2300 621 RWHP / 583 RWTQ

We just finished another TVS 2300 Install on a 2010 Camaro MN6
on 93 octane pump gas.

This is the highest one to date (out of 7) although we have 3 more in the shop to do, of which one is getting a few extra tricks besides what this car had.

Mods were as follows:
TVS 2300
21CMC Blower Camshaft
Dynatech LT Headers
Roto-Fab Intake
Borla Exhaust
Smaller pulley for increased boost
KB Boosta-pump
21CMC Custom Dyno Tune on 93 Octane
621 RWHP 583 RWTQ @ 7.6 psi on the dyno
77 degrees ambient / no correction factor
Best Regards,
John Page
Twenty First Century Muscle Cars

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